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Elements of Integrative

Alchemy Work

Sacred Space

Our therapists carefully and attentively maintain the therapeutic spaces. This investment allows the spaces to hold a tangible sense of safety and stability, and a profound sense of abiding calm for clients, therapists, and the shared work within. This creation may go unnoticed consciously, but it is utterly invaluable to the subconscious.


A substantial amount of our experiences of life are our relationships to things and events; these relationships live within us, not in the objects they're hung on. By exploring, dismantling, and rebuilding these relationships, we can change everything without demanding change from anything or anyone beyond ourselves. This process forms the foundation for substantial growth and healing.

Tissue Balancing

Through the use of skilled and sensitive touch, the therapist will connect and communicate with the tissues of the client’s body in order to restore balance by regulating muscular tension, while disentangling and realigning connective tissue continuities. This produces a more mobile and more stable body, which supports postures conducive to healthy physiological activity.

Fluid Management

While manipulating the tissues of the body, manual therapy also encourages the liberation of stagnant fluids, and stimulates movement of blood, lymph, lubricating fluids, and digestive secretions throughout the body. These elements combine to bring a very apparent sense of freshness and vibrant health, with rosy cheeks and gurgling bellies!

Neurochemical Regulation

The body’s systems function as one grand ecology. We cannot balance the tissues or manage the fluids of the body without also managing the coordinating systems. The network of nerves running to and from the brain, in addition to the gland systems which produce and distribute chemical signals, are flushed and regulated through the overall care process. This aspect of the holistic care improves balance and grace, brings a sense of ease, and empowers the ability to think clearly.


Control is an illusion. We cannot choose the outcome of our choices, but we do make choices in every moment, and these choices influence the course of our lives and our relationships. Through growing our awareness and applying it to the subtleties of how we choose to respond and act, we become more effective agents in our life.

Guided Practices

Our work in Alchemy is not like a mechanic shop where you drop your body off to be serviced. The process is a collaboration in health. If you continue to live in the same way, and just stop in for a tune-up from time to time, it is challenging for the therapy to offer many enduring benefits. That is why, as a part of the total session, we discuss ways that the client can support their therapy and use it as a stepladder to work towards the sort of life and health that they are seeking. This may take the form of movement or exercise, it may include mindfulness or meditation, or it may be something else entirely. Each person has unique needs and unique opportunities.

Harmonious Integration

We are always living in relationship with the world around us. When we are caught up in our own significance, we try to force the world to behave the way we want, and we pay for this force directly, and indirectly. When we learn to participate and collaborate, we find ourselves in a mutually supporting relationship which benefits all involved. 


Natural Companionship

We share this world with countless other inhabitants, human and otherwise. When we accept this, we have the opportunity to let go of unintentional isolation and opposition in favor of becoming a fully intentional participant in life. By fostering deep and informed compassion, we have the opportunity to make choices not in isolation, but in a deeper understanding of their implications.


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