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Ethan, our lead therapist, started his journey at a young age, fascinated with martial arts. This led him to studying Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan), which in turn has led to decades of study in Taoist philosophy, Chinese Medicine, and many internal martial arts.

Anything that granted insight into how the world works, and human beings in particular, was immediately of interest.

While pursuing a degree in Biochemical Engineering and Materials Engineering, this passion expanded into independent studies in a wide variety of Human Topics, including anatomy, physiology, psychology, sociology, anthropology, and ecology

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After integrating broader Eastern philosophies, many diverse healing modalities, practices, and perspectives, Ethan pursued a training and licensure in Massage Therapy, certification in Permaculture design, and created a practice employing a unique blend of his many interests, which focuses on the Human Being as a Whole, as both individual and community, in the interest of expanding our concepts of health and wellness, and helping clients unlock their lives and grow in their own ways.

Ethan’s personal practice serves as a never-ending inspiration for the work he does with clients, just as the clients’ practices help inspire him to an ever-deepening commitment to his own life work.



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