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The smallest, irreducible unit of humanity is not one person. Nor is a human being composed of individual parts tacked together, which can be dismantled, serviced, and reassembled. Human beings, and therefore human health and wellness, are ecological; they are the product of dynamic balance between many interrelated aspects, including our relationships with others, and with the natural world around us.


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Integrative Alchemy is a holistic method to help participants remedy imbalances and access escalating levels of health and wellness; we do not aim for simply being not-unwell, we are continually working towards robust, resilient, and radiant health. This process is necessarily a collaborative activity between the therapist and the client. It is not “healing” unless everyone is benefitting.


“Integrative Alchemy” represents a life-long practice of connecting with and engaging in living. Anything worth doing, is worth doing well. By cultivating an ever-growing awareness, a deep, authentic compassion for all things, and by offering ourselves in service to the Whole, we contribute to a world which is supportive, nurturing, challenging, and possesses deep integrity. This is the lifestyle of our therapists, and we endeavor to share any and all of that with our clients.

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